Longitude Punk’d

After a year of plotting, planning, research, and painting – I wasn’t involved in the build – my first public art project launched last week.

Longitude Punk’d at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, celebrates the 300th anniversary of the finding of Longitude. A group of Steampunk artists, including myself, were invited to explore the history of longitude, and invent devices that could have been created to win a cash prize offered to the first person who could stop ships being lost at sea.

Wyn Griffiths, and I came up with the idea for the Globe of Dislocation, a crashed Steampunk airship’s navigation module, that now stands alongside the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory.

The manufacture was done at the Middlesex University, under the careful eyes of Wyn, Colin and Spike.

Other artists involved in this amazing project are, Dr Geof, Jema Hewitt, Ian Crichton, Major Thaddeus Tinker, Robert and Rachel Rankin, and Lady Elsie.

Longitude Punk’d celebrates the creations of wacky inventors, star-gazing scientists and extremely elegant explorers of the 18th century. Royal Museums Greenwich has commissioned eight UK steampunk artists to create works inspired by the technical inventions that were presented to the Board of Longitude between 1714 and 1828. Alongside them will be the winning works from our Longitude Punk’d competition for the encouragement of the arts of longitudinal steampunking.”

More details can be found on the official website.