Breathe, Act 1. Promo – Re-Edit

Thanks to Xandy Sahla, who co-directed Breathe for this re-edit of our project. It really does encapsulate the tone, and excitement of the experience. Please share. Breathe Act 2 is currently being discussed, and we hope to make it happen soon. Watch this space!

Breathe Act1, Pt3

Breathe Act I, Part III

BREATHE  ACT I, PART III London. 2009. Life gets complicated for Inspector John Franks. His daughter has been kidnapped, and he’s losing control of the Daniel Cooper investigation.   Cast: Benedict Taylor (Phantom Menace, The Young Indiana Jones, Breaking into Tesco) Emma Griffith Malin (Lolita, Death on the Nile, The Forsythe Saga) Liz Kettle (Poirot, …

Breathe Part 2


BREATHE  ACT I, PART II London. 2009. A week has passed since Daniel Cooper’s body was found asphyxiated in his London flat, and the police are no closer to finding out how he died. Inspect John Franks is determined to not to let his past demons get in the way of the investigation. It’s a …

Breathe: Act 1

Breathe: Act I. Part I

BREATHE London. 2009. The end of September. Summer gives way to Autumn and the city swarms with people sucking in the stale air. Cars sit and choke at traffic lights. Trains cough out passengers. Evenings draw in like shadows over lungs. Clubs and bars pump out their music in dying gasps. BREATHE You work the …