San Francisco – Love Of My Life…

I am back! SF, my dearest, I have missed you so much. While I visit the West Coast several times a year, I haven’t actually set foot in SF for a long time, especially never this late in December.

Why am I back, I hear you ask? Well, a dear and generous friend has invited me to DJ at the Feuerzangenbowle – his annual party in the Berkeley Hills, and I am bringing the noise! Guess what? I will be playing alongside the legendary DJ Garth, from Los Angeles.

It’s so nice to be in a place with sunshine and warmth this late in the year, and I intend on being outdoors as much as I can in the three days that I am here.

Huge love to my hosts, Candace, Doug, and SM. Your hospitality is second to none. Love ya.

Hope to see y’all.

Fuzzy Love – two Star Wars fans, dressed as Wookies, off to watch The Last Jedi.
Kate’s Kitchen – yup, always.
Sam Flores piece in Haight
Bound Together in Haight. Not many bookshops like this left in the world.
Is my Sombrero too big?
Fluevog… Yeah, baby!
Museum of Ice Cream!!!
Yup, shops now touting for Santa cash.
Doug’s Xmas selection


Summer 2014 DJ Dates

Here’s my schedule for Summer 2014

  • Glastonbury Festival – Bohemia Artist’s Studio
  • Give Festival
  • Wilderness Festival
  • Burning Man Festival, PlayGround Camp / Burning Man Information Radio
  • Sunrise Festival

My Name Is Yomi

Yomi in Gladys
Yomi in Gladys

I haven’t blogged in ages, and it seems like my work has picked up some interest, so… here I am again.

My previous blog wasn’t archived,, but I am sure there are references to what was posted somewhere on the interweb. I hope this new attempt entertains you.

My daytime is spent creating strategy for brands and advertising agencies, I make films, tell Transedia stories, host live events, cook, and am a keen photographer. My summers are spent in Gladys my 1968 Airstream Overlander.

Kindly check out my site, and peruse my project pages.

Thanks for dropping by.