Summer Of Love ’14

Ice Hotel

Summer is looking very tasty at the moment…

Here’s where you will find the most awesome music, and great times. I’ll also be DJ’ing / performing at these events.

May 25th: PlayGround Experience Camp (Burning Man) Fundraiser. The Yacht Club, London.

May 29th – 1st June: Sunrise Celebration Festival, Chepstow with the HoH Collective.

June 7th: Pineapple Jam, at Jamm in Brixton

July 18th – 21st: Give Festival. Stanford Hall.

July 22nd – July 28th: San Diego Comic Con.
Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA Book launch

August 3rd. Queen’s House Presents a Steampunk Summer Fete.
Queen’s House, Greenwich Park. London.

August 7th – 10th: Wilderness Festival.

August 25th: Burning Man. Nevada. BMIR, PlayGround Experience.

Please join us for a summer of funking fun, frolics and lots of wiggle!